Google Atmosphere 2014 Live in a nutshell


Last Google Atmosphere event took place last Wednesday, things like Disruptions, Moonshot, Cloud Computing & Business Shifts have been discussed during this 2014 session. GDG Basel has watched the 163 minutes of the live streamed event for you and kept the best of it, so get comfortable we are about to start.


Let’s start by the most important part of any Google events, announcements. No revolutionary breaking news here, we could see one clear announcement on Compute Egine and 1/2 announcement on Android for work.

10% price cut for all Compute Engine

Immediate effect 10% price cut on Compute Engine has been announce. Please check-out the new pricing grid provided by Google.

Android for Work

Android for work has already been announced during last Google I/O, but Sundar Pichai has clearly mentioned that this is an important project and that Google is taking the time to produce a thoughtful and easy to deploy solution.  Mobile strategy at work is one of the most important challenge that businesses are currently facing. We will keep you updated on this.

Four topics, four speakers

The 2014 Atmosphere event was mostly build on four main topics, each of them covered by a dedicated speaker.

  • Disruptions are opportunities, Vivek Wadhwa, Stanford University
  • Moonshots thinkingClaire Hughes Johnson, Vice President Google[X]
  • Cloud Platform – Focus on the problem that matterUrs Hölzle, Google Senior Vice President
  • Perform your shift with Google,  Sundar Pichai, Google Senior Vice President Android, Chrome & Apps

Disruptions are opportunities

Vivek Wadhwa, the Singularity specialist has surprised and challenge the audience with ideas & concept related to disruption.


From Medical applications, Robotics, Nanotechnologies to Education & Entrepreneurs, a global vision on what tomorrow’s world has been presented.

In a time frame from now to 2020:

  • Sensors monitoring your health
  • Prescribe medications based on the human genome.
  • 3D Printers will be everywhere.
  • Humanoid android assisting human activities
  • Education – 1-to-1 AI Based teaching

In this decade it will be cheaper to produce in US than china thanks to 3D printers and robotics.


Disrupt yourself!

Entrepreneurs age average in the Silicon Valley is 39 years old, become to an entrepreneur and disrupt the market, kids out of school aren’t going to save your company. Think outside the box and disrupt yourself.

 Moonshot thinking

“Moonshots” was the next topic of this event. Here Claire Hughes Johnson is introducing the Moonshot thinking concept.

An inspiring video has been presented to introduce the “Moonshot thinking” concept. In few words, challenge yourself with an amazing project & use this great idea to bring inspirations. vision and motivation around you.

Two Google Moonshots projects have then been presented by Claire Hughes Johnson:

  • Google Self Driving Car: Set of equipment, sensors & software allowing a car to be autonomous and to be self driven.
  • Loon project: High-altitude balloons placed in the stratosphere to create an aerial wireless network with up to 3G-like speeds to provide internet to remote areas.

What is your Moonshot?

What is your big project, your big idea that will lead you & your business to achieve amazing things, here Google wants to show us that innovation is first about inspirational decision.

Cloud Platform – Focus on the problem that matter

In the session Urs Hölzle is sharing with us the fundamental of Cloud computing and Google Cloud platform.

Why to move to Google Cloud?picture33

  • Cost: Pay only what you used
  • Simplicity: Easy to use, easy to deploy
  • Complexity: Do not care about installation, configuration or maintenance.
  • Flexibility: Automatically scale infrastructures on your needs
  • Carbon footprint: Google data centers have are carbon neutral.

Focus on the application you want to build

Take the best of PaaS & IaaS and worry only about your product and your customers needs. Google is providing world class infrastructure allowing you to run your application on strong and stable cloud solutions.

Cloud Platform

Focus on the application you want to build

Thanks to these assets you are now able to focus only on the application you want to build and nothing else.

Perform your shift with Google

An interview Sundar Pichai on Google for Work has conclude this Atmosphere event. Best questions have been selected for you.


 Why Business is important for Google?

Our product have to increase productivity and have to useful. These values are written in the Google DNA.

What is on the horizon?

Increase security, control, integration over all applications. Android for work is also one very important topic for Google. Bring Google now to work places & develop Android Wear platform, these are main topics on which Google is currently working on.

What about security?

Google is state of the art in term of technology. Security is deep of Google culture, Google is speeding a large amount of money to perform attack on Google infrastructure and to improve their security. Security is fundamentally build in the design of Google products.

Google was born in the Cloud while Microsoft has to move to it

Microsoft has a long culture of thick client. They have to switch their solution to the Cloud & to mobile. Google is designing & building their application directly in the Cloud. This makes the  difference.


This years Google has clearly invited companies to enlarge their vision and their objectives. Entrepreneurs, you need to disrupt your business, define your moonshot, focus on your product and perform your shift, here is the quintessence of this Google Atmosphere Live 2014.

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