Introducing Google Apps Script

What is Google Apps Script?

Google Apps Script is a Scripting Engine, based on Javascript Language. The main interrest is Javascript is a standard language, well-known because used in almost all web apps for years. Awesome! So what can we do with this?

What for?

Google Apps Script allow to interact with other Google Services: playing with GSheets/GDocs/GForms, GMail, GDrive, GMaps, Analytics, etc…

Let’s start!

First connect to your Google account, then go on This opens an online developpment environment:

There is auto-completion function while editing, even the ablity to debug the script with the debugger window in the lower part!


My First script

This very simple script is only for demonstrating the powerful of Google Apps Scripts.

We will target the Gmail API, following those steps:

  • create a new label in the mail box (MyLabel)
  • Sending an email (the active Google session is used as sender)
  • Adding the new label to the email sent


Let’s code:


And here is the result:


Adding Google Apps Script to your GDrive

You can connect Google Apps Script to your GDrive as any other application: go on “Create”, then choose “Connect more apps”:


Look for the app “Google Apps Script”, then connnect it to your drive, by clicking the “connect” button:


Now Google Apps Script is fully integrated to your drive, you can create scripts and store them on your dirve:


Going further

There is also the availability to manage permissions and quotas, but we will see that in another article 😉


Google provides also resources for developping Google Apps Script:

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