New Gmail API!

Gmail API

As you know, Google is constantly innovating on APIs. During the last Google I/O the new GMail API just showed out !

For the first release of this API, following features are already available:

  • Messages
  • Labels
  • History
  • Threads (a thread correspond to a mail conversation)
 Google words:  “giving developers flexible, RESTful access to the user’s inbox […] and bringing developers multiple benefits over IMAP”. The aim of Google is NOT to kill and replace IMAP systems.
If you find it fun, technically you can code an entire mail system using this API, but the real usefulness is to create dedicate features:
  • Select mail regarding their labels and dates
  • Move / duplicate mails
  • Create schedule mail send according to special fetches
  • Generate dedicated statistics and process mail history
  • etc….
 Of course, this API benefits of the Google fresh air; the impact is that the execution are 3 to 10 times quicker than standard IMAP systems. Authentication process is a real piece of cake, after giving access to your mailbox through OAuth 2.0 authorization, your app retrieves and listed all your personal labels, and displayed out mails details.
If your are interested; so just go for it !
Source code sample on its way !
See you in the GDev Sphere !

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