The GDG Basel age has arrived!


This is it! Developers, coders & programmers from Basel area, a new age has arrived, the Basel Google Developer Group age has just started. Teams members & followers are happy to announce that Basel gained its own developer community. We are all very excited and very happy to start this developer group in this region. Basel is rich of innovative people, technology addicts or genius developers, all cloud addicts can now be connected to create, innovate and share on Cloud technologies!

The GDG Basel philosophy is to welcome any developers willing to share with mates around Google technologies. Here techies are ruling the place! Hackathons, DevFests, DevBeers or Talks, it is all about our shared passion to write code & to develop cool Apps!

A GDG is also a culture and the Basel one has its very own! Basel is dedicated to innovation and to having fun by doing & sharing together. We are also focusing on Google Apps, Google Cloud Platform and Android. All other Google technologies are also open for discussion and development. The limit is your creativity!

It is also motivating to share in a relaxed & enthusiastic atmosphere, this is why we are doing the best to create such environment. The GDG Basel is made of different people coming from different places around Basel, this is therefore providing a great cultural mix adding something more to each of our GDG events.

So if you are developer, coder or programmer and you like to learn, share, innovate and meet new people then join us! We will be glad to see you in our events!

A great kick-off event is on its way, so stay tuned!

Basel, Here we come!

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